3rd Thiruvandāthi

மூன்றாம் திருவந்தாதி

முதலாழ்வார்களில் மூன்றாமவரான பேயாழ்வார் அருளிய மூன்றாம் திருவந்தாதி நூறு பாசுரங்களை உடைய பிரபந்தம். பொய்கையார் பரப்ரம்மம் உருவுடன் கூடியவர் என்றும், பூதத்தார் அது நாராயணன் என்றும் காட்டித்தர அவர்களுடன் கூடியிருந்து அனுபவித்த பேயார் பகவானின் அருளால் பரமபக்தி தலையெடுத்து, பகவான் திருவுடன் + Read more
Group: 3rd 1000
Verses: 2282 to 2381
Glorification: Para / Omnipresent State (பரத்வம்)
āzhvār: Pey Āzhvār
  • Taniyan
  • Verse 1:
    2282. I saw and worshipped now the Mahalakshmi seated in the ocean-colored lords chest, his golden body adorned with jewels that shone with the color of the bright sun and the golden discus in his hands that fights in war and the sounding curving conch.
  • Verse 2:
    2283. Today I saw his ankleted feet and now I will not be born again for seven births and ever. O Thirumāl with a mountain-like golden chest, You are adorned with a cool thulasi garland, and you embrace your beloved Lakshmi from the milky ocean. I find you with love in my heart.
  • Verse 3:
    2284. The ocean-colored lord stays in my mind who, angry at his enemies on the battlefield, fought with them and killed them. His chest is adorned with thulasi garlands, and he rests on a snake bed on the wide ocean and Lakshmi embraces Him on her chest. He is the remedy that will save me from going to hell called Samsara.
  • Verse 4:
    2285. The feet of the lovely-eyed lord who swallowed all the seven worlds and spat them out, measured the earth and the sky and received a boon from Mahābali for three feet of land are wealth, nectar and remedy for all.
  • Verse 5:
    2286. The feet of the lord with a discus who measured the world are lotus-colored, his body has the color of the ocean that surrounds the world and the brightness of his crown is like the sun on its chariot. All these things make him beautiful.
  • Verse 6:
    2287. It is lovely to see his ocean-colored body who has discus in his hands, it is lovely to see him cross the world with his feet, it is lovely to see Nānmuhan who stays on a lotus and brought the Ganges to wash the feet of Thirumāl after the lord took water in his hand to get three feet of land from Mahābali so that he could measure the earth and the sky.
  • Verse 7:
    2288. O heart, come, let us worship the feet of the lord who measured the world surrounded with dark ocean. He rides on Garudā and flies around the groves. He is hard for anyone to understand by themselves and he is inapproachable for all.
  • Verse 8:
    2289. O good heart, let us worship him folding our hands and recite his many names, praising him and saying, “ Nārāyanā!” May our eyes see only Kannan, adorned with a cool thulasi garland swarming with bees who swallowed all the worlds and spat them out.
  • Verse 9:
    2290. His eyes and hands are like lovely lotuses and he has beautiful lotus feet that measured the world. The shining body of the lord has the color of a cloud, the ocean and a precious sapphire.
  • Verse 10:
    2291. If people praise the brightness, strength, beauty, form, faultless qualities and all other things of the lord with a beautiful white conch in his right hand and if they recite his names, all goodness will come to them automatically.
  • Verse 11:
    2292. He is like sweet honey faultlessly recited in four Vedās by all and he is like an ocean and has a body like a waterfall. He rests on the snake bed Adisesha on the milky ocean which is filled with conches and waves. The one who is mentioned in the ocean of knowledge of the learned ones and can't be known by their own efforts.
  • Verse 12:
    2293. Devotees who cultivate knowledge, recite the Vedās well, control and close the door to the feelings of five senses and meditate on the beautiful ocean-colored lord will see his nature every day in the world.
  • Verse 13:
    2294. In ancient times when Thirumāl went to Mahābali’s sacrifice as a dwarf, took water in his hands and asked for three feet of land and received it, he grew tall and measured the world and his crown split the sky.
  • Verse 14:
    2295. If devotees who have given up the desire to embrace women learn the sastras and put their minds on the lord of Thiruvenkatam praised by all the four Vedās and worshiped in the sky by the gods whose crowns touch the feet of the lord, they will be able to focus on the scriptures like Vedās.
  • Verse 15:
    2296. Our father, resting on the ocean rolling with waves on Adisesha whose head bears jewels, came and stays in my heart and I became his slave.
  • Verse 16:
    2297. By the tossing sea of Tiruvallikeni, Where corals and pearls washed ashore liken the evening sky and the lamps they light of dusk, the Lord has come to reside, along with the lotus lady who graces his auspicious chest. He is my master.
  • Verse 17:
    2298. All the days I have lived in the past, and the days I live in the present and the future are good days if I constantly praise the lovely-eyed Thirumāl. May my mouth praise him.
  • Verse 18:
    2299. O Nedumāl, you went to Mahābali’s sacrifice as a dwarf, asked for three feet of land, received it, and grew to the sky and measured the earth and the sky. Give me your grace so that all of my fears will go away and I will be a slave to your feet in all my seven births.
  • Verse 19:
    2300. The Lord who swallowed the seven worlds and slept as a child will never deny his grace for those who come to him first, with a tranqull mind, strewing fresh flowers at his feet with folded hands, will they not receive his grace first?
  • Verse 20:
    2301. O Thirumāl, you, the tall god with beautiful eyes, swallowed all the worlds and spat them out in ancient times. How could it have been difficult for you to measure the earth and the sky with your two feet at Mahabali’s sacrifice? O divine lord? Tell us all about it.
  • Verse 21:
    2302. Speaking of the fragrant Tulasi garland Lord, who wields the sharp discus, conch, Sarnga bow, and the mace that killed the nosy Dantavakra, Can anyone exhaust speaking his glories?
  • Verse 22:
    2303. O heart, the beautiful gods in the sky adorned with crowns sprinkle fragrant flowers on his feet and worship him, and you, O devotees, should worship the lord the same good way following the sastras, and with your hearts melting.
  • Verse 23:
    2304. He wears cool Tulasi garlands that buzz with male and female bees inside the flowers. His golden feet strode the Earth and sky. The heart will soon learn to hover around his adorable feet.
  • Verse 24:
    2305. O ocean like heart, worship in future every day the ankleted feet of the lord, who is with a beautiful shining discus in his hand and who is soul of the 5 great elements viz the blowing wind, the wide earth, the sky where clouds float, strong fire and the water.
  • Verse 25:
    2306. O, heart, is there anything wrong if you worship the lord who swallowed the earth that has fresh water and kept it in his stomach, ate butter that lovely-haired Yasodha churned and kept, conquered the seven bulls for Nappinnai, and is praised by all the gods in the sky.
  • Verse 26:
    2307. The lord, adorned with a cool thulasi garland and resting on beautiful-eyed Adisesha, stays in my devoted heart and in famous Thirukkachi, Thiruvenkatam, Thiruvekkā, and Thiruvelukkaippādi.
  • Verse 27:
    2308. How could they have any troubles if his devotees reach and worship the dark ocean-colored lord, the origin of everything, who churned the milky ocean and rests on the sea on Adisesha?
  • Verse 28:
    2309. The highest lord, our father resting on the snake bed, who drank milk from the breasts of the devil Putanā and who fought the Bhārathā war to help the five Pāndavās, feared the spanking with a churning stick by the cowherdess Yasodha when he stole the butter. What a surprise?
  • Verse 29:
    2310. Without being afraid the cowherdess Yasodha took and embraced dark-colored Kannan and fed him milk after he had drunk the milk of the devil Putanā as a beautiful baby prattling with his sweet coral mouth.
  • Verse 30:
    2311. Thirumāl adorned with a thulasi garland and resting on Adisesha on the ocean stays in Kudandai, in the milky ocean, in Thiruvenkatam, in my pure mind, in the divine sky, in beautiful Pādagam, in the Vedās, which talks about the Vaikuntam that's pleasant to my mind.
  • Verse 31:
    2312. The lord who stays on the milky ocean resting on the earless serpent Adisesha, worshiped by all the four Vedās and took the form of a man-lion and split open the chest of Hiranyan. He has Shivā adorned with a snake in whose hair the Ganges flows in his body.
  • Verse 32:
    2313. Gopalan who broke the Kurundam trees and killed the Asurans abides on Adisesha on the milky ocean, in Thiruvenkatam, the cool sky, all the sastras, the hearts of the sages plunged in yoga and in my heart.
  • Verse 33:
    2314. O Thirumāl, it is true that you swallowed all the seven worlds at the end of the eon, lay on a banyan leaf as a baby, churned the milky ocean with Mandara mountain and gave the nectar to all the gods in the sky.
  • Verse 34:
    2315. Is he exhausted because he measured the world at Mahābali’s sacrifice? O heart, see! The faultless lord who killed the Asuran Kamsan sitting in Thiruvelukkai, and recline- on Adisesha on the ocean.
  • Verse 35:
    2316. My eyes say, “I want to see him, I want to see him!” Folding our hands, we melodiously sing his praises and worship the shining golden feet of the god resting on the ocean whose golden body is adorned with rich shining ornaments and a thulasi garland swarming with bees that sing.
  • Verse 36:
    2317. The dark ocean-colored Māyan who measured the world and the sky with his two feet and rests on the cool ocean carries a fiery discus in one hand, and a white conch in the other, and a heroic club, a bow and a shining sword.
  • Verse 37:
    2318. I became the slave of the lord colored like the rolling ocean who is inside and outside of all, with shining jewels and coral-mouthed Lakshmi on his divine chest.
  • Verse 38:
    2319. He is all things that exist. The penance-performing Brahmā, Rishis, the stars, the bright fire, the mountains, the eight directions, the twin orbs, -all these are His body. Even though all forms in the world are his forms, he can be compared only to himself.
  • Verse 39:
    2320. Our lord is in the hearts of all who is the earth, the eight directions, the Vedās, the meaning of the Vedās, the sky, and the god of the Thiruvenkatam hills where pure waterfalls descend from the moon with a lovely sound.
  • Verse 40:
    2321. O heart, the faultless lord, the king who measured the world, is in the hearts of all his devotees and in the Thiruvenkatam hills with peaks that touch the sky and waterfalls flowing with abundant water.
  • Verse 41:
    2322. When the lord who carried Govardhanā mountain as an umbrella to protect the cows and the cowherds measured the world, his diamond-studded crown touched the sky, his ankleted feet extended in all the eight directions, and encircled all the thick groves of the earth and his dress shone like lightning.
  • Verse 42:
    2323. The sapphire-colored Kannan who grazed the cows and played the flute killed the Asuran when it came in the form of a horse. When the lord was angry at Hiranyan, he took the form of a man-lion and split open his chest with his sharp claws.
  • Verse 43:
    2324. The lord who embraces the earth goddess on his chest and fought with the angry elephant Kuvalayābeedam and broke its tusks swallowed all worlds into his stomach.
  • Verse 44:
    2325. He is the world, the eon, the ocean the shining sun and moon and red fire. O heart, worship the feet of the lord happily, whose pure golden crown shines with bright rays.
  • Verse 45:
    2326. Thiruvenkatam where a strong bull elephant fights lovingly with his mate and wanders angrily, spilling pearls from its white ivory tusks is the hill of the lord who swallowed all the earth in ancient times.
  • Verse 46:
    2327. When the lord churned the milky ocean using Mandara mountain as a churning stick and the snake Vāsuki as the rope, pulling the rope with the gods on one side and the Asurans on the other, the water rose up and touched the sky.
  • Verse 47:
    2328. O lord with beautiful eyes, when Mahābali promised to give you three feet of land you took it and grew tall and measured the whole earth and the sky. Adorned with a thulasi garland, you split open the mouth of Kesa when he came as a horse. You close the door of hell and save us so we do not enter it.
  • Verse 48:
    2329. Didn’t you make Mahābali pour water on your hands and promise to give you three feet of land when you went to him as a dwarf and measured the world and the sky with your two feet? Didn’t you graze the cows? Didn’t you split open the mouth of the horse? And didn’t you go between the marudu trees and fight with Devāsuran?
  • Verse 49:
    2330. With curved conch in your hands, you fought with your enemy Hiranyan and killed him, you asked for three feet of land from Mahābali took over the earth and the sky, and you fought with seven bulls to marry Nappinnai.
  • Verse 50:
    2331. O Thirumāl, when the elephant Gajendra was caught by a cruel crocodile in a spring filled with beautiful water, you, the beautiful dark-colored Kannan adorned with a shining jewel-studded crown and thulasi garlands, killed the crocodile and saved the elephant.
  • Verse 51:
    2332. He protected the cows and the cowherds with Govardhanā mountain when there was a big storm and broke the marudam trees when Asurans came as those trees. As Rāma, he fought the Raksasas and burned Lankā. He will give you Mokshā, the divine place where there is no sorrow.
  • Verse 52:
    2333. The lord shot his arrows and destroyed the seven marā trees, and he took the form of a dwarf, went to Mahābali and took over the sky and the earth. When Rāvana, the king of Lankā took Sita, ornamented with beautiful jewels, our lord, as Rāma, went to southern Lankā. fought with Rāvana and killed him and brought his wife back.
  • Verse 53:
    2334. The lord who slept on a banyan leaf on the ocean as a magic child at the end of the eon swallowed the earth and the flood of water. O heart, worship the feet of him adorned with a cool thulasi garland.
  • Verse 54:
    2335. The lord kicked Sakatasuran when he came as a cart, went between the Marudu trees when the Asurans came as those trees, breaking them and killing them, and he took the form of a boar, split open the earth, brought up the earth goddess and loved her. The love that he has for Lakshmi whom he embraces on his chest is more than the love that he has for the earth goddess.
  • Verse 55:
    2336. The lord with lovely long eyes like lotuses swarming with singing bees wears many jewels on his large mountain-like chest so it looks like a dark cloud glittering with lightning.
  • Verse 56:
    2337. We do not know whether our god’s color is white, red, green or black. If one thinks about it only Saraswathi, the goddess of art, could equal the beauty of the god who is the beloved of Lakshmi.
  • Verse 57:
    2338. With beautiful Lakshmi on his chest he is like lightning shining in the dark sky. People should understand that worshiping the feet of the dark god who rides on Garudā is the only devotion they need.
  • Verse 58:
    2339. Know that the god who asked for three feet of land from Mahābali and took over the world and sky with his cleverness stays happily in the Thiruvenkatam hills where a female monkey tells her mate sitting on a small hill, “Catch the white moon and give it to me. ”
  • Verse 59:
    2340. I found the way to survive worshiping the feet of the dear lovely-eyed sapphire-colored lord adorned with long thulasi garlands that make him look like a dark mountain on which a waterfall flows.
  • Verse 60:
    2341. Our god blew his conch and conquered his enemies on all battlefields, protected the cows from the storm with Govardhanā mountain, went between the Marudam trees and destroyed them, broke the cart when Sakatasuran came in that form, drank the milk of the devil Putanā and threw the calf at the vilam tree and killed the Asurans.
  • Verse 61:
    2342. Just as Thiruvenkatam, the milky ocean and Vaikuntam are ancient temples where the lord stays, now Thirukkadigai surrounded with flourishing groves and Thirumālirunjolai swarming with bees is the divine heavenly place of the young lord of Thiruvinnagar.
  • Verse 62:
    2343. The lord who took three feet of land from Mahābali and measured the world after receiving a promise from him with water poured on his hands stays in Thiruvinnagaram, in Thiruvekka surrounded by ocean with rolling waves, in Thiruvenkatam, in Mannakaram, in Thiruvelukkai filled with beautiful palaces, in Thirukkudandai in the south, in sweet Thiruvarangam surrounded with groves dripping with honey and in southern Thirukkottiyur.
  • Verse 63:
    2344. My father, the god of Thirumālai where waterfalls flow with abundant water has only one form that combines Shivā with his long jata, shining golden mazu, and a snake around his neck and our Thirumāl with a tall crown, a discus, and golden thread.
  • Verse 64:
    2345. Using the snake Vāsuki as a rope and Mandara mountain as a churning stick he churned the milky ocean, took nectar from it and gave it to the gods. Is he so tired because of that that he reclines in Thiruvekka, sits in Kānji and stands in Thiruvaragam?
  • Verse 65:
    2346. Our father who broke the tusks of the elephant Kuvalayābeedam and killed it went as a man-lion in the evening and angrily split open the chest of Hiranyan and protected Prahaladan, the son of Hiranyan.
  • Verse 66:
    2347. The Asurans Madhu and Kaidava were destroyed when Adisesha with jewels on his head merely breathed on them. If anyone becomes the enemy of the god and their end will be like that of Madhu and Kaibadava.
  • Verse 67:
    2348. The lovely lotus on the navel of the lord thinks that the shining discus in his right hand is the sun and the white conch in his left is the moon and, confused, opens and closes at the same time.
  • Verse 68:
    2349. The lord who threw the calf at the Vilam tree and destroyed the Asurans stays in Thiruvenkatam hills where a monkey that plucks a fruit from a vilam tree, sees his own shadow in the water of a spring, thinks another monkey has his fruit and extends his hands and asks the shadow monkey to give it.
  • Verse 69:
    2350. Her mother says, “My daughter sings the praise of Thiruvenkatam whenever she thinks of any hills. She wears thulasi on her dark hair thinking that is the best thing for a chaste women to wear and she goes to bathe in the large ocean every morning thinking that it is the milky ocean where broad-armed Thirumāl rests. "
  • Verse 70:
    2351. The elephant in the Thiruvenkatam hills who washes his teeth with his ichor, washes his hands and legs with the water from the waterfalls, and carries blooming flowers that drip honey goes, sees and worships the heroic lord of Thiruvenkatam.
  • Verse 71:
    2352. The lord who threw a calf at the vilam tree and killed the Asurans stays in the Thiruvenkatam hills where an elephant, thinking that a cloud is an enemy elephant, runs and tries to fight it and a yāli, seeing the elephant, screams in anger and kills the elephant as the sound echoes through the hills.
  • Verse 72:
    2353. Our young lord stays in Thiruvenkatam hill where the bamboo sticks that gypsy girls with round bangles throw as they play, rise up to the sky and release the shining moon from its curse.
  • Verse 73:
    2354. It is the best thing for our tongues to praise him who drove a chariot yoked to seven horses and danced on a pot. To worship the feet ornamented with sounding anklets of the god of Thiruvenkatam is a good thing for us.
  • Verse 74:
    2355. He drank the milk of the breasts of cruel devil Putanā and made her fall to the ground, but the cowherdess Yasodha took him on her lap and fed him milk, keeping him at her breasts. Isn't her love beautiful?
  • Verse 75:
    2356. In the divine Thiruvenkatam hills where the blossoms of vengai tree spread their fragrance, an angry tiger sees the rabbit in the floating white moon against the red color of the sky, thinks it is a real rabbit and becomes angry because it could not catch it.
  • Verse 76:
    2357. You do not need to stand on a hill, plunge into water or stand near five sacrificial fires to reach him. If you sprinkle flowers, folding your hands, and lovingly worship the god of Thiruvekka, all your bad karmā will disappear.
  • Verse 77:
    2358. The Raksasa Rāvana who slept on the lap of Nānmuhan as a baby and received boons from him, his grandfather, carried a shining sword and fought with Rāma, and Rāma cut off all his ten crowned heads and made them all fall on the earth. Rāma's lotus feet are the refuge of us, his devotees.
  • Verse 78:
    2359. We should not think, “Where is our refuge? Where can we go? Are we going to be born again and again?” Praise and worship the heroic lord who destroyed the strength of his enemies with his discus— he is our only refuge.
  • Verse 79:
    2360. If devotees control their five senses and keep in their minds only the dark ocean-colored lord with a fragrant thulasi garland on his chest they will not be born again.
  • Verse 80:
    2361. My heart tries to approach the divine feet of the lord resting on the snake Adisesha with a shining discus that conquers all and who fought with Vānāsuran, riding on a jeweled chariot and cut off his thousand arms.
  • Verse 81:
    2362. O my firm heart, even though it is difficult to think of him, think and praise him without worrying. He is in you and will not move from there. Why are you unable to know him. ? Why do you do not feel him?
  • Verse 82:
    2363. If you want to be aware of him it is hard and it is impossible for you to see him even if he enters your heart. Where can I go to see the lord, the king adorned with a cool thulasi garland swarming with bees and dripping with honey?
  • Verse 83:
    2364. Even though people praise Māyan saying that he is sweet, no one can see him, yet the sweet ankleted lord, stays inside your heart who became a dwarf, went like a thief and measured the earth and the sky at Mahābali’s sacrifice.
  • Verse 84:
    2365. People think of him and say, “He is the meaning of the four Vedās and he is in our hearts and we feel him, ” but who has seen the cool lotus-eyed Māyavan? How could one describe him in their poems?
  • Verse 85:
    2366. In their poetry, poets worship the lord, describing the beauty of his form, and the devotees hear them and come to worship him in all his temples. Even if the poets and the people of the world praise the beauty of the lord who conquered the seven bulls to marry Nappinnai, will their words be enough to praise his divine shining beauty?
  • Verse 86:
    2367. Beautiful clouds that flash with lightning, roaring with thunder, show the color of dear Nedumāl, and the dark sky where clouds float together looks like his dark color also.
  • Verse 87:
    2368. O lord ornamented with shining jewels and a cool thulasi garland strung with bunches of flowers that swarm with bees, your body blooms like a flower and shines like an emerald, and the evening sky has your color.
  • Verse 88:
    2369. Worship the golden ankleted feet of the lord who is adorned with a cool thulasi garland dripping with honey. If you do not have doubts, saying, “This is good, this is bad. ” you will not collect more karmā in future and your past karmā will go away.
  • Verse 89:
    2370. The lord who plays sweet music on his flute is the god of Thiruvenkatam where gypsies plant millet seeds in the fields that grow along with bamboo that rises and touches the sky.
  • Verse 90:
    2371. When Thirumāl, adorned with a beautiful thulasi garland, grew tall and touched the rivers in the sky with his divine foot at the sacrifice of Mahābali as his silambu and his anklets rattled, his eight arms hurt as they extended in eight directions because the space of the whole earth was not enough for them.
  • Verse 91:
    2372. The young lord swallowed the earth at the end of the eon, drank poisonous milk from the breasts of the devil Putanā, and when Yasodha the cowherdess tied him with a rope because he stole butter, even though it hurt him he did not get upset and kept quiet.
  • Verse 92:
    2373. O heart, worship the ankleted feet of the dark-colored Māyan, the unborn, divine one who was raised by Nandan, the chief of the cowherds. As Kannan he fought with Vānāsuran when Anurudhan took Usha and cut off his thousand arms.
  • Verse 93:
    2374. Thirumāl swallowed all the worlds, kept them in his stomach at the end of the eon and slept on a banyan leaf as a baby on the flood. Who knows what will happen to this world? O heart! Keep the lord inside you.
  • Verse 94:
    2375. I light the lamp of knowing and feel him in my heart and keep him there. The Māyan, standing, sitting and lying in different temples, entered my heart and stays there always.
  • Verse 95:
    2376. O heart, worship his divine feet and praise Thirumāl who went to Hiranyan in the evening as a man-lion and split open his chest with his sharp claws as his blood flew all over.
  • Verse 96:
    2377. As the gods in the sky bow to him their jewel-studded crowns mark the lotus feet of the beloved of Lakshmi.
  • Verse 97:
    2378. Could the gods Nānmuhan who stays on a lotus on his navel, Shivā with long matted hair, and Indra, colored like a kānji flower, ever be able to think of him in their hearts even for a moment?
  • Verse 98:
    2379. The lord who is the snow-covered mountains, the wide sky, the wind and light killed the Asuran Kesi when he came as a horse and protected us. He will save us from Yama when he comes to take us.
  • Verse 99:
    2380. Our refuge is the feet of the god of Attapuyaharam who fought and conquered all his enemies and killed the murderous crocodile with his discus when it caught the elephant Gajendra.
  • Verse 100:
    2381. The dark cloud-colored lord with a discus is always our refuge. Our lord with a tulasi garland on his mountain-like chest has lovely lotus eyes that shine like lightning in a dark cloud as he embraces Lakshmi who is on a flower dripping with honey.