Srimathe Rāmānujāya Namah!

If the vast masses would stand to benefit, Sri Rāmānujāchāryā, the most compassionate āchāryā of all times, didn’t worry about him going to hell but revealed the secret and the supreme knowledge to all who had the desire to learn. Our 12 Āzhvārs, various Rishis and Āchāryās (Spiritual Masters) have selflessly shared with us from the timeless wisdom (Samskrutha Vedās and Dravida Vedās collectively known as Ubaya Vedā) to remove our ignorance, which will enable us to eternally and lovingly serve our supreme father Sriman Nārāyanā and His devotees. Inspired by these great souls, this platform is a humble attempt to make that knowledge easily and swiftly accessible to everyone. Like a bee, we have collected content (nectar) from various sources (flowers) and presented them in a form (honey) by leveraging the benefits provided by modern technology (honeycomb).

We place our humble gratitude at the lotus feet of Sri. U. Ve. Velukkudi Krishnan Swāmigal (, the guiding light of hundreds of thousands of souls and who truly lives to his words “Accumulating wealth (including knowledge), without giving to others, is akin to drawing in your breath and not breathing it out”. When Swami shares his knowledge with us (glimpses of those nectar can be tasted for Nityānusandānam and Divya Desam discourses shared in UVeda), it’s like water gushing out from the floodgates. This is true for many Sampradaya āchāryās (Bonafide Spiritual Masters). We realized channels like these will help us enjoy that nectar fully.

While purvāchāryās like Pillān, Nanjiyar, Nampillai, Vadakku Thiruveethi Pillai, Periyavāchān Pillai, Azhagiya Manavāla Perumāl Nāyanār, Vedānta Desikar and Manavāla Māmunigal expounded the meanings of Divya Prabhandams, recent Āchāryās like Prathivādhi Bhayankaram Annangarāchāryā gave us Divyārtha Deepikai, the 1st detailed word by word dictionary for 4000 Divya Prabhandam, based on what he learned from his previous Āchāryās in the disciplic succession. Contemporary great souls like Smt. Kamala Rangathan with her beloved husband Late Sri. P.S. Ranganathan 'Writer Kadugu' simplified the tamil synonyms based on Divyārtha Deepikai. Sri. U. Ve Sarathy Thothathri Swami ( and his team of volunteers further simplified the english meanings based on purvāchārya vyākyānams that can be easily understood in this day and age. We also like to extend our gratitude to Sri. Sridhar Ramabadran Swami of (Athulya Vidhya) for graciously allowing us to use the copyrighted paintings of 108 Divya Desam deities decorating our Divya desam page.

Our sincere gratitude to our advisors Sri. U. Ve. M.A.Venkatakrishan Swami (Geethacharyan), Prof. N. Kannan (Retd. Professor SASTRA University), and Sri. U. Ve. Thirumalai Varathāchāryār Swami (pūrvāciramam S/o of Sri Ranga Nārāyana Jeeyar) for guiding us in this journey. We are eternally indebted to our āchāryās, parents, elders, our family, our devotee friends, and Thāyār and Perumāl for making this wish come true.

Āzhvār Emperumānār Jeeyar Thiruvadigale Śaranam!

Badrinārāyana Rāmānuja Dāsan (
Concept and Lead
A humble disciple of Srimath Paramahamsethyāthi Sri Rangam Sri Ranga Nārāyāna Jeeyar, the 50th chief pontiff of Sri Rangam (jeeyar50) Bhāgavathā Team

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  • Smt. Dr. Kausalya Hart (Project Madurai)
  • Sri. U. Ve. Badrinarayanan Swami
  • Smt. Vasantha Srinivasan
  • Smt. Dr. Ahalya Padmanabhan
  • Smt. Padma Sampath
  • Smt. Geetha Muralidharan
  • Sri. Prahalad Parthangal
  • Smt. Dr. Anandhi Nalin
  • Smt. Andal Rajagopalan
  • Sri. Padmanabhan Sarangapani
  • Smt. Padma Sampath
  • Smt. Padma Rajaram
  • Sri. Santanam (Prabhandam Analytics)
  • Smt. Lalitha Srinivasan
  • Smt. Sudha Krishnasamy
  • Smt. Subhasree Badrinarayan
  • Smt. Vaijayanthi Ravindran
  • Smt. Vaishnavi Bashyam
  • Sri. Sateesh Elangovan
  • Sri. Sridevi Sateesh
  • Smt. Nirmala Manavālan
  • Sel. Subhadra Animalar Mangai
  • Dr. Suganya Anandakichenin
  • Sri. Srivatsan Parthasarathy
  • Sel. Prakrunya Subhasree Badrinarayan


Technology Support

  • Sri. Srikanth Raghavan