2nd Thiruvandāthi

இரண்டாம் திருவந்தாதி

Boothathazhvar, the second among the Mudhalazhvars, composed the second Thiruvanthathi, which consists of one hundred verses. Along with Poigaiyazhvar, Boothathazhvar experienced the special qualities of the Lord. Through the Lord's grace, his intense devotion matured into a state of supreme knowledge (Parajnana). Witnessing the Lord's complete state + Read more
முதலாழ்வார்களில் இரண்டாவதாகத் திகழும் பூதத்தாழ்வார் அருளிச்செய்த இரண்டாம் திருவந்தாதி நூறு பாசுரங்களை உடையது. பொய்கையாழ்வாருடன் கூடியிருந்து எம்பெருமான் குணவிசேஷங்களை அனுபவித்த இவ்வாழ்வார் எம்பெருமானின் அருளால் தனக்கு இருந்த பரபக்தியானது முதிர்ந்து பரஜ்ஞான தசையை அடைய, எம்பெருமானின் + Read more
Group: 3rd 1000
Verses: 2182 to 2281
Glorification: Para / Omnipresent State (பரத்வம்)
  • Taniyan
  • Verse 1:
    2182. My love for him is a lamp, the oil in the lamp is my desire to worship him, and the wick is my sweet mind that melts for him. I light the shining lamp with my wisdom. I composed this Thiruvandāthi for Naranan in divine Tamil.
  • Verse 2:
    2183. If you stay in a good place and recite the names of Nāranan, understanding him well with your wisdom, the nature of the king of the gods is to give you the privilege of being a god among the gods in the sky.
  • Verse 3:
    2184. If devotees worship sprinkling fragrant flowers on the feet of the god resting on the milky ocean, they will enter the shining world of the ancient god of the gods where only the gods in the sky can enter.
  • Verse 4:
    2185. I string garlands with jewels, pearls, diamonds and fresh flowers, carry matchless beautiful lotuses, and worship the feet of him on whose chest Lakshmi seated on a lotus on the right side of his body.
  • Verse 5:
    2186. You asked for three feet of land as a boon from Mahābali at his sacrifice and measured the world and the sky with your two feet. O Nedumal, you are colored like the ocean rolling with waves! Who is able to know the power of your feet and speak of it?
  • Verse 6:
    2187. If good-hearted devotees control their five senses, do much tapas with love, sprinkle fresh flowers and worship him reciting his names they will see the ankleted feet of the ocean-colored god.
  • Verse 7:
    2188. When he raised his ankleted feet and fought with his enemies Namusi and others with his heroic discus, he scared them and made their minds burn. O heart, worship happily his divine golden lotus feet.
  • Verse 8:
    2189. When Putanā took you in her lap and gave milk from her beautiful breast saying, “Drink happily, ” you pretended to drink her milk and killed her. Even though she came as a mother and gave milk to you, you killed her because she had come to kill you.
  • Verse 9:
    2190. Yashodā was not worried about giving you milk from her breasts with love even though she saw how you killed Putanā when she came and fed you milk. Is even this ocean-encircled earth that you measured equal to the love of that cowherd mother?
  • Verse 10:
    2191. O lord, I think always of you who kicked and killed Sakatasuran when he came as a large cart and protected the world. You asked for three feet of land from Mahābali and took over the whole earth and saved its people. I worship you with my tongue, sprinkling flowers on your feet. The results of my karmā are gone.
  • Verse 11:
    2192. Many people worship the feet of other gods and enjoy life only for a short time, but they do not worship you to attain eternal Mokshā. O Nedumal with the color of the ocean rolling with waves, who can describe the might of your feet?
  • Verse 12:
    2193. If any of his devotes worship him will reach the feet of him resting on the snake bed. He treats everyone equally. Even the bright sun that goes around the world, Nānmuhan on a lotus and Shivā with a forehead eye worship the lord every day without ceasing.
  • Verse 13:
    2194. When the large elephant Gajendra went to the pond to pick up a beautiful lotus flower to worship him he was caught by a crocodile, and the lord came and saved him, killing the crocodile. Wasn’t Gajendra saved and so he could reach the world of Indra, because he worshipped the feet of the lord with a discus?
  • Verse 14:
    2195. O ignorant ones, do not praise the people of the world who perform many evil deeds increasing their karmā. Recite the names of the lord who grew to the sky and whose hands were extended in all the eight directions. Wander as sages and go to all the temples where he stays, worship him and become faultless.
  • Verse 15:
    2196. Are these the things the lord enjoys— driving the chariot in the terrible battle for Arjunā, -chasing Marisan to catch him when he came as a golden deer, losing Sita when she was kidnapped by Rāvana and resting on the beautiful snake bed Adisesha on the ocean?
  • Verse 16:
    2197. When he enters someone’s heart and a devotee locks him in it, the lord may not know that he is imprisoned in the devotee’s heart. If someone does not dig out a pond on a mound in a forest and save the rain water, there will be no water to flow and nourish the fields. Lock him in your heart.
  • Verse 17:
    2198. Indra, the king of the gods, and Nānmuhan on a lotus worshiped him and asked him to help them when they were in trouble. Like them, Shivā with thick matted hair adorned with the crescent moon went to Thirumāl, asked for his aid and received his grace when the skull of Nānmuhan was stuck to his hand. Who but our lord could have helped them all?
  • Verse 18:
    2199. Thirumāl took the form of a dwarf went to Mahābali’s sacrifice, grew tall and measured the earth and the sky, he took the form of a man-lion split open the chest of Hiranyan with his claws, and he swallowed all the seven worlds in the eon. Did Thirumāl with beautiful eyes do these things to save the world?
  • Verse 19:
    2200. When Sakatasuran came as a cart, you kicked it and killed him, but that is not all you did. You also threw the calf on the vilam tree and killed the two Asurans. The world may blame you for breaking a cart or throwing a small calf, but you only did these things to protect the world.
  • Verse 20:
    2201. If your devotees do not sin or do bad deeds, and only praise you because they recite your name Narayanā without mistake and understand your power, worshiping only you, they will live happily.
  • Verse 21:
    2202. Our lord, the beloved of Lakshmi, abides in the hearts of those devotees who always think of him and worship him. They have the good fortune of bowing to the feet of the lord who took the form of a dwarf and they will never go to cruel hell.
  • Verse 22:
    2203. Didn’t the dark Gajendra, the large elephant with white tusks, worship him with beautiful flowers and get what he wanted? If someone wants to achieve something, it will be easy for him if he truly tries like Gajendra.
  • Verse 23:
    2204. The lord who threw the calf onto the vilam tree and killed the two Asurans, went to Mahābali's sacrifice in the form of a dwarf, grew tall and measured the world and the sky with his two feet. If devotees worship him and live following good paths, he will give them a good life.
  • Verse 24:
    2205. O good heart, he is happiness and sorrow in life. He is the five senses and he is the wind, fire, water, sky, the dark mountains, the ocean with waves and burning fire. He is everything.
  • Verse 25:
    2206. He, famed since ancient times, the creator of the Vedās, praised by the gods in the sky, went to Lankā angrily, fought with the Raksasas and killed their king Rāvana. He has come to stay in the Thiruvenkatam hills where bamboo plants grow on the cool slopes.
  • Verse 26:
    2207. He rests on Adishesa on the ocean, and in the Venkatam hills where his devotees who have controlled their five senses, their feelings and their minds come and worship him. He gave the hills to the gods so that they can come, live there and worship him.
  • Verse 27:
    2208. My mind searches for Thirumāl CHECK the god of Thiruvenkatam hills, like a vine climbing on the wall that grows towards the sky looking for a stick to support it.
  • Verse 28:
    2209. The ocean-colored lord, rests on milky ocean stays in Thiruvenkatam and in Thiruvarangam, a place that is hard to conceive. He split the mouth of Kesi when he came as a horse and he is praised by all as the god of the gods, abiding in the hearts of all.
  • Verse 29:
    2210. You shot your arrows and destroyed southern Lankā. You killed Putanā when she came as a mother to give you milk from her breasts. Yet even though your mother Yashodā saw all these heroic deeds she was not afraid to give you her milk.
  • Verse 30:
    2211. People say, “O ocean-colored Thirumāl! You measured the world at Mahābali’s sacrifice, became a boar and split open the earth to bring the earth goddess up from the underworld, churned the wide milky ocean, took nectar and gave it to the gods, and made a bridge on the ocean and went to Lankā to fight the Raksasas. ”
  • Verse 31:
    2212. If the devotees go every day in the morning taking fresh flowers and worship the feet of the beautiful lord who took the form of a beautiful boar to bring back the earth goddess from the underworld, they will see the lord’s shining form and be happy.
  • Verse 32:
    2213. O Thirumāl, my heart is happy seeing you and worshiping your feet. I am happy to sing and dance, and your conch and fiery discus are happy seeing me when I worship you.
  • Verse 33:
    2214. When I bow to the feet of the lord adorned with many thulasi garlands, my heart feels happy. I praise the heroic one with my tongue the god of the Thiruvenkatam hills where bamboo grows on the slopes.
  • Verse 34:
    2215. As a dwarf you asked for three feet of land from Mahābali and when he gave it, you measured the world and the sky with your feet. I worshiped you lovingly with fragrant smoke and fresh flowers and became your slave. This is my good fortune.
  • Verse 35:
    2216. People say passion is sweet but water is sweeter. O father, if people do not want passion or water and only listen to your heroism that will be the water that protects them.
  • Verse 36:
    2217. Mean people can achieve fame only by doing mean deeds. They know nothing. O my heart, worship our Māyan who swallowed the earth and spat it out and be calm.
  • Verse 37:
    2218. You created the four-headed god, the creator of the Vedās who stays on a beautiful lotus on your navel. If we do not praise your divine feet and bow to you we will have only trouble in all our births.
  • Verse 38:
    2219. Do not think you have much wealth and depend on it to make your life without trouble. You should think Mādhavan is yours and keep him in your heart. Reciting his names with your tongue is just like reciting the Vedās.
  • Verse 39:
    2220. O ignorant people, know how to praise the names of the good lord. That is what the Vedās say. If you follow what you have learned from the sastras that is good. If you cannot do that, just say the names of Mādhavan— that is really the meaning of the Vedās.
  • Verse 40:
    2221. Before Yama comes and throws his rope and catches you, think of the names of the lord. You know that real happiness is to worship the feet of the lord with Lakshmi on his chest. There is no other thing could bring you happiness except to know the lord and worship his feet.
  • Verse 41:
    2222. No one can enter the world of the gods just by wealth. The only way to attain Mokshā is by his grace. O heart, don't forget his sapphire-colored feet that give Mokshā to divine sages. Always meditate on his names.
  • Verse 42:
    2223. I think of Thirumāl always. If devotees worship and meditate on the wide arms of the lord, they will not have any future births. Just by worshiping him the sages get all the happiness that those receive who were born to enjoy family life in this world.
  • Verse 43:
    2224. He shot his arrows and cut off all the twenty arms, ten heads and two feet of Rāvana and killed him. The only good use of my arms is to worship the feet of the devotees who worship his feet.
  • Verse 44:
    2225. For good devotees, the names of beautiful-eyed Thirumāl are a true help. I will not consider those who forget him as human beings. Keep in your mind the name Mādhavan, the god of dharma, and recite his names— that is the only good thing that you should do.
  • Verse 45:
    2226. The lord of Thiruvenkatam worshiped by the gods in the sky is himself the Vedās whose meanings are endless. If devotees worship his feet they will have no pride whether they are rich or poor.
  • Verse 46:
    2227. The generous sapphire-colored lord stays in Srirangam, Thirukkottiyur and in his favorite place, Thiruvenkatam. He is lord of beautiful Thirumālirunjolai and Thiruneermalai flourishing with abundant water.
  • Verse 47:
    2228. Folding your hands with devotion in your heart, worship him in the morning when you get up and sprinkle flowers on the feet of him - who took the form of a man-lion and fought with Hiranyan, measured the world at Mahābali’s sacrifice, swallowed the world and spat it out and split open the earth to bring the earth goddess from the underworld.
  • Verse 48:
    2229. O Thirumāl, you taught the sages all the four Vedās and the sastras that teach morals. Embracing Lakshmi on a lotus on your chest, you stay happily on the beautiful Thirumālirunjolai surrounded with beautiful large groves on its slopes where bamboos grow.
  • Verse 49:
    2230. O my heart! Praise him and call to him without fear, saying, “You drank the poisonous milk from the breasts of Putanā as the seven mountains, seven worlds and the seven sounding oceans were all shaken. ”
  • Verse 50:
    2231. I will call Thirumāl with his faultless names saying, “You are the cowherd adorned with precious ornaments, the Yādavan, the Māyavan, loved by all. ” In front of everyone I am calling Mādhavan with love in the same way all the cowherds call him.
  • Verse 51:
    2232. O heart, Think of the feet of the lord who has the sapphire color of the ocean and recite his wonderful names. Worship the feet of him who churned the milky ocean and gave nectar to the gods
  • Verse 52:
    2233. The dark-colored one with Lakshmi on a beautiful lotus on his chest is the lord of dharma. He sent Mahabali, like king Rāvana who fought valiantly with his sword, to the underworld of Indra, the king of the gods in the sky. Who knows how he gives his grace?
  • Verse 53:
    2234. I would go and worship the lord in Thiruvenkatam hills where the blooming creepers think that the thick hair of women falling low on their backs are small hills and cling on to it to grow.
  • Verse 54:
    2235. O lord, you wish to stay in the Venkatam and Thirumālirunjolai hills surrounded with thick groves. Like those hills, I make my heart your temple, worship you and say, Do not leave my heart, for it is your young temple and it is like the milky ocean for you. ”
  • Verse 55:
    2236. You are wise and carry a heroic discus. In all my seven births I have never forgotten you— and I have been mindful of you. Give me your grace so I may plunge into the ocean of joy.
  • Verse 56:
    2237. If one gazes at the grass growing on the shore of the ocean and tells it to be shy, will it become shy? (Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, shows her golden body before our Thirumāl shows his dark body to us. ) OR Lakshmi shows the dark body of Thirumāl to us before Thirumāl shows his body to us.
  • Verse 57:
    2238. Praise him with your tongue who embraces Lakshmi on his chest and gives his grace to all. Have you heard? Devotees from all the directions praise the name of our lord and worship his feet, because it is our right to praise him.
  • Verse 58:
    2239. Because of my good karmā, Saraswathi stays in my good heart and has taught me what to do. She gives her grace and tells me, “Just as margosa, even though it is bitter, gives good health, the golden discus which the lord carries to fight his enemies is only to only protect the world and the gods. Praise his golden discus!”
  • Verse 59:
    2240. I worship his devotees with my good heart and no longer do wrong. My evil thoughts have gone away and I think only of his beautiful lotus feet, meditate on him and worship him.
  • Verse 60:
    2241. You do not have only one form. A shining form is yours, and the vast world says you have two forms. See, if devotees know your ancient form they will rule the world with justice.
  • Verse 61:
    2242. People say that as a thief you took the form of a bachelor dwarf, went to king Mahābali and asked for three feet of land. You measured the world with one of your feet and raised the other foot and touched the sky, as your arms extended to all directions. How fortunate they are who described you like this!
  • Verse 62:
    2243. I did not have the fortune of worshiping you, and I did not receive your grace because I was not wise. I only praised and worshiped you saying things which are not true. O, bull of the cowherds! You broke the horns of the seven bulls and conquered them to marry Nappinnai.
  • Verse 63:
    2244. If I were to describe how our father conquered the seven bulls to marry Nappinnai and how he poured his blood into Nānmuhan’s skull that was stuck to Shivā’s hands and made it fall, they would be long stories.
  • Verse 64:
    2245. O Kanna, all the stories that anyone tells, no matter what they are about, are only about you and nothing else. My heart wants to praise you. You are the stories and the divine words in them. Give me your grace so I may understand your stories.
  • Verse 65:
    2246. I worship your divine body, I bow to your beautiful lotus feet with love and I worship you folding my hands. I searched for you, my refuge, and know that the best life for me is to praise and live where you are.
  • Verse 66:
    2247. See, O good heart, this birth is what has happened to us. If we praise the names of Nārāyanan resting on the ocean on a snake bed, that will be the way to avoid going to hell.
  • Verse 67:
    2248. I saw his divine body in a dream, his hands and the fiery discus that he carries and found that he is the strength that will remove the results of my good and bad karmā and the troubles of my life.
  • Verse 68:
    2249. He, the king broke the tusks of the elephant Kuvalayābeedam, used big Mandara mountain as a churning stick and the enormous snake Vāsuki as a rope, churned the milky ocean, and gave the nectar to the gods, cheating the strong Asurans with sharp teeth.
  • Verse 69:
    2250. Even the kings of famous countries who ride horses have been devotees of the lord for their seven births. on whose navel Nānmuhan abides on a lotus,
  • Verse 70:
    2251. The places of our heroic lord, skilled in shooting arrows and conquering his enemies, are Thanjai Māmani koil, which is the hearts of his devotees, divine Srirangam and Thiruthangā, the cool milky ocean, Thirukkadalmallai praised by devotees, Thirukkovalur and Thirukkudandai surrounded with walls.
  • Verse 71:
    2252. When the lord who rests on the poisonous snake Adishesa raised his flower-like feet, grew to the sky and measured the world, the conch in his left hand sounded loud and his shining discus that conquers his enemies shot out fire in the sky.
  • Verse 72:
    2253. The monkeys in the Thiruvenkatam hills enter the ponds where flowers bloom, bathe, take flowers place them on his feet and worship him. O heart, come, let us go there, recite his divine names, place the flowers on his feet and worship him.
  • Verse 73:
    2254. When the elephant Gajendra with tusks like crescent moons and angry eyes was caught by a crocodile, our lord went to the pond, killed the crocodile and saved him. I have decided to become his slave, praising his thousand names and placing fresh flowers on his feet every day.
  • Verse 74:
    2255. I have received the fruit of all the tapas of seven births, for I have composed a wonderful garland of Tamil pāsurams and placed it at his feet. I am fortunate to have written them in fine Tamil.
  • Verse 75:
    2256. The lord colored like a cloud stays in the Thiruvenkatam hills where a male elephant dripping with ichor plucks bamboo sticks, soaks them in honey and gives them to his mate.
  • Verse 76:
    2257. It is good for us to take the sandal paste from the hills, precious ornaments, silk clothes, and fragrant white jasmine flowers and offer them at the feet of the wise ancient lord.
  • Verse 77:
    2258. O good heart, if we worship the faultless lord offering beautiful lotus flowers at his beautiful feet and reciting his thousand names and praising him, that is the only tapas we need to do.
  • Verse 78:
    2259. When he grew, measuring the world and the sky, Nānmuhan was the only one who had the fortune of washing his golden feet with the water of the Ganges and embracing and praising him with all his divine names.
  • Verse 79:
    2260. When Rāma’s mother Kosalai asked him not to go to the forest he did not listen to her, and when his wife Sita, soft as a flower, told him not to go, he did not listen to her either. Wanting only to obey his father’s order, he went to the forest. The strength he showed then was equal to when he measured the world.
  • Verse 80:
    2261. I have become his slave, love him and think only of his divine lotus feet lovely as lotuses dripping with honey. The joy of worshiping his feet is sweeter than the joy of seeing his form.
  • Verse 81:
    2262. I saw Nārayanan in the day and in my dreams at night, and again I saw him truly. I worship the beautiful shining feet of the lord who carries a discus smeared with flesh and his bright form in the sky.
  • Verse 82:
    2263. Lakshmi with lovely long sword-like eyes sees his divine form all the time as she stays on his chest. Why does the earth goddess feel jealous of her? The beauty of his form will never be reduced no matter who sees him.
  • Verse 83:
    2264. With my poor words I worship Thirumāl whom the Vedās praise with their divine words thinking that Māyan might somehow accept me and give me a small bit of his grace.
  • Verse 84:
    2265. The lord went as a man-lion and killed Hiranyan who had the boon that no one could kill him and afflicted the gods, not obeying anyone. It is like drinking nectar in this beautiful world to worship his feet.
  • Verse 85:
    2266. I worshiped him saying, He is nectar. He is honey. He carries a discus. He churned the milky ocean, got the nectar and joyfully gave it to the gods. ” I praised and worshiped the lord with a garland of words sweet as nectar.
  • Verse 86:
    2267. Poets cannot see him, they can only praise him with garlands of words. Even sages doing true tapas cannot see the cloud-colored god. What kind of tapas I could have done that I see him now?
  • Verse 87:
    2268. Do I know only today the feet of the lord who measured the world? When I was in my mother’s womb itself I knew him and worshiped him with folded hands. I know the power of my father, the god of Thirukkottiyur.
  • Verse 88:
    2269. I know that the only way to reach our father, the god of Thennarangam, is to leave family life and think of him always. If devotees follow the divine path, they will not go to cruel hell and the guarded door of the gods’ world will open for them.
  • Verse 89:
    2270. Did you, who were angry with Kamsan, fought and killed him, and fought with elephant Kuvalayābeedam and broke its tusks, go to Mahābali’s sacrifice as a dwarf and ask for three feet of land in ancient times just to take over the world?
  • Verse 90:
    2271. Won’t I rule this world and go to the world of the gods and stay with them in the sky if I go and worship lovely-eyed Nedumāl of Thirumālai?
  • Verse 91:
    2272. The ocean-colored lord who saved the Vedās received a boon from Mahābali and measured the world and the sky with his two divine feet. If you worship him, he will give his grace and you will not have to worry about hell.
  • Verse 92:
    2273. Nedumāl with a Garudā banner, and is praised by the gods in the sky killed Kamsan by kicking him with his feet. If you worship him and praise his names quickly you will find how to receive all that you wish.
  • Verse 93:
    2274. Hell is cruel and if you collect bad karmā you will go to the most cruel of hells. Before any such terrible thing happens to you, worship without ceasing the lord with a conch in his hand who split open the mouth of the Asuran when he came as a bird and drank the milk of Putanā and killed her.
  • Verse 94:
    2275. My heart bows to his feet and worships the cloud-colored god of beautiful Thiruppādagam, who split open the chest of his enemy Hiranyan and swallowed all the seven worlds,
  • Verse 95:
    2276. O my heart, all the world praises the sapphire-colored lord of Thiruvathiyur (Thirukkachi) who split open the chest of the Asuran Hiranyan, swallowed all the earth at the end of the eon and spat it out again to save it.
  • Verse 96:
    2277. The highest lord of Athiyur (Thirukkachi) who rides on an eagle and rests on the ocean on Adishesa with diamonds on his head, is the god of the three sacrifices and the Vedās. He is the lord of Shivā who drank poison that came from the milky ocean and he is also our dear lord.
  • Verse 97:
    2278. You, lovely-eyed Nedumal, king of the gods in the sky, abide, embracing Lakshmi on your chest, in the temple of Kudamukku (Thirukkudandai) resting on the ocean on thousand-mouthed Adishesa.
  • Verse 98:
    2279. The lord who was born on the earth, raised in a cowherd village as Nandan’s son, grazed the cows, danced on a pot and swallowed all the earth stays in my heart
  • Verse 99:
    2280. Thirumāl with beautiful eyes went as a dwarf to Mahābali’s sacrifice and measured the earth and the sky with his two feet, making Mahābali his slave as the gods in the sky sprinkled flowers on his divine feet ornamented with sounding anklets and asked him for his grace.
  • Verse 100:
    2281. O Thirumāl, Nedumāl, Kannan, adorned with a wonderful thulasi garland and lord of the gods in the sky, who threw a calf at the vilam tree and killed the Asurans, my love for you has no limit.