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Divya Prabandam and Divya Desam
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v 1.0.0

1. Introductory text summarizing the purpose of our existence

2. Introduction of the 12 Saintly Āzhvārs with their painting, glorification verses (தனியன்), various details about them, clickable links on their works (பரபந்தம்) and the temples they glorified (மங்களசாசன திவ்ய தேசங்கள்)

3. 4000 Verses of Divya Prabhandam navigable through introductory texts, glorification verses (தனியன்), decade (பத்து), chapter (திருமொழி / பதிகம்) and verse (பாசுரம்)

4. Divya Prabhandam Chapter page with customizable views and an exclusively hand-drawn picture. Currently, more than 100 pictures are available for the 1st 1000 verses with Thiruppāvai and Nāchiyār Thirumozhi (Chapter 6) having pictures for each verse as well

5. Each Divya Prabhandam Verse page contains the following
- Verse as recited, split word by word with stops for easy reading/recitation (both in Tamil)
- Verse transliterated in English
- Audio recitation of the verse (currently completed for 450 verses)
- Misc. verse info (Rāgam, Thālam, Bhāvam (mood), Messenger, Surrender, Advice)
- Clickable link to the Divya Desams glorified in this verse (if applicable)
- Simple English Translation
- Velukkudi Sri. U. Ve Krishnan Swamigal short upanyasam audio
- Simplified word-by-word meaning (synonyms) in Tamil (all 4000) and English (~2500)
based on Divyārtha Deepikai. Each word source has a clickable link that helps search for similar words
- Detailed word-by-word explanation in English (~2000) based on Periyavāchān Pillai’s
- Ability to bookmark and take notes for logged-in users

6. Divya Desam Page (Temples glorified by Āzhvārs) features the following
- Clickable links of 108 temples with an ability to filter by Direction, Āzhvār, Area, State,
- Exclusive hand-drawn painting of the moolavar (main deity)
- Various information on the Divya desam including a Google map link
- Clickable links of the Divya Prabhandams that are associated with that temple
- Youtube video link of Sri U.Ve. Velukkudi Krishnan Swami’s short discourse on that

7. A powerful Search engine page in both English and Tamil that features
- Ability to do a site search by pāsuram (short code/number), phrases, wildcards, proximity, boolean, and grouping
- Synonyms search by source word and translation of the verses
- Faceted search ability with dynamically generated record type, hierarchy, and Divya desam filters

8. User sign up and login page to access exclusive features for registered users

9. Credits page glorifying all the volunteers who contributed to this platform

10. Privacy Policy describing the terms of use

11. Help page detailing “How To” videos and ongoing release notes

12. All the above features are mobile and large screen friendly

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