1st Thiruvandāthi

முதல் திருவந்தாதி

முதலாழ்வார்கள் மூவரில் முதல்வரான பொய்கையாழ்வாரால் பாடப்பட்ட இப்பிரபந்தம் நூறு பாசுரங்கள் கொண்ட அந்தாதி வகையைச் சேர்ந்தது. திருக்கோவிலூர் ஆயன் சன்னதி இடைகழியில் பகவானால் நெருக்குண்டு, தன் ஞான திருஷ்டியால் லக்ஷ்மி ஸமேதனான பகவான் பரமபத நாதனாக சேவை ஸாதிப்பதைக் கண்டு 'வையம் தகளியா' என்று + Read more
Group: 3rd 1000
Verses: 2082 to 2181
Glorification: Para / Omnipresence State (பரத்வம்)
āzhvār: Poyhai Āzhvār
  • Taniyan
  • Verse 1:
    2082. The world is a lamp for me, wide ocean is its ghee, and the warm sun is its light. I place this garland of words on the feet of the lord with a shining discus and ask him to take me from the ocean of sorrow.
  • Verse 2:
    2083. I do not know when you churned the milky ocean or when the whole earth was surrounded with the seas, all I know is that the world is created by you and you swallowed and spat it out at the end of the eon.
  • Verse 3:
    2084. With one foot you measured the whole world and with the other rose to the sky and measured it. O wonderful lord! I cannot understand how you are able to measure the world and sky like that.
  • Verse 4:
    2085. Our god opens the door of Mokshā for those who control their five senses and he himself is the path of Mokshā. Shivā who taught dharma to the four sages staying under the shadow of a banyan tree and drank poison when the milky ocean was churned understands the power of Thirumāl and is a part of our lord’s body,
  • Verse 5:
    2086. The names of Thirumāl and Shivā are Nāranan and Haran and Garudā and a bull are their vehicles. They taught the Vedās and the Agamas to the sages, Kailasa and the milky ocean are their temples and their actions are protecting and destroying the world. One carries a discus and the other spear in his hand, and one has a dark shining body like a cloud and the other a body like fire.
  • Verse 6:
    2087. He has the color of the ocean rolling with waves and I have never forgotten him. O, innocent ones, how could I forget him today. Even when I was in the womb, I worshiped the lord folding my hands, and I saw the god as I gazed in the direction of Srirangam where he stays.
  • Verse 7:
    2088. Our lord is in all the directions with all the gods and is in all the actions that they do and in their results. All these things are the illusions of Nedumāl who is the everlasting cloud-colored Kannan,
  • Verse 8:
    2089. O Thirumāl, why did you put the conch in your mouth and blow it and mesmerize all when you fought in the Bharatha battle holding your heroic weapon, the discus in your hand? Why did you hide the sun with the wheel of a chariot?
  • Verse 9:
    2090. You took the form boar and on your single tusk you brought up the earth goddess from the underworld. Was that not the same earth that you measured with your divine feet as the sky and all the directions trembled?
  • Verse 10:
    2091. O lord with a heroic discus! People say that you really swallowed the earth, hills, the oceans rolling with waves, the wind and the sky. If one tries to understand how you did that, was your mouth as big as the whole earth at that time?
  • Verse 11:
    2092. He measured the world with his feet and my mouth will not praise any other but him. My hands will not worship anyone but him who drank the poisonous milk from the breasts of the devil Putanā. My eyes will not see anyone except him and my ears will not hear any other name except his.
  • Verse 12:
    2093. The nature of the lord who took the form of a boar to bring the earth goddess from the underworld is the feelings of all the five sense organs— ears, mouth, eyes, nose and body— and hot fire, earth, wind, water and the sky, undiminished wisdom, knowledge and good dharma.
  • Verse 13:
    2094. They who were born as people in ancient times, recited the sastras and the Vedās in the proper way and worshiped him with the correct rules became the excellent gods and reached the feet of the lord adorned with a thulasi garland.
  • Verse 14:
    2095. People praise various gods in the ways they know, saying, “This or that god is our dear lord, ” and they put their pictures on the wall and worship them, but any god that they pray to is only our lord.
  • Verse 15:
    2096. The three gods came first, and among them the ocean-colored god was first. If we do not have his grace, the grace given by any of the others is just a waste.
  • Verse 16:
    2097. When I realized that I have spent all my days in vain, I was afraid and cried, and I worshiped the feet of the ocean colored lord with lovely eyes resting on Adisesha, the snake bed as the water of the strong waves touches his feet.
  • Verse 17:
    2098. People praise his heroism and say, “When the lord who split open the chest of the Hiranyan with his sharp claws measured the world, riding on Garudā, one foot was on the earth and his head touched the sky while his arms were extended in all the directions. ”
  • Verse 18:
    2099. The lord drank the poisonous milk from the breasts of Putanā, fought and conquered the elephant Kuvalayābeedam, split open the mouth of the Asuran that came in the form of a bird, entered between the Marudu trees and killed the Raksasas, and ate the butter from the uri happily. He measured the world and the sky at the sacrifice of Mahābali,
  • Verse 19:
    2100. O dark ocean, Thirumāl has a dark body and beautiful eyes. He swallowed the earth and slept on a banyan leaf as a baby at the end of the eon rests on you, carrying a discus. What penance you have done to touch always the divine dark body of the lord?
  • Verse 20:
    2101. The gods sprinkle fresh flowers, fold their hands and worship the beautiful divine lotus feet of the lord who cut the chains on the ankles of his father and released him and took the form of a dwarf and swallowed the earth and the sky.
  • Verse 21:
    2102. Lovely-eyed Thirumāl with a discus who rides on the bird Garudā rests on the snake Adishesa. He took water from Mahābali’s hand, asked for three feet of land, measured the earth with one foot and raised his other foot to measure the sky. O heart, you know that we should go to him, our refuge.
  • Verse 22:
    2103. O lord, you ride on Garudā with dotted wings! Yashodā with arms soft and round like bamboo tied you (Damodaran) with a rope when you stole butter and ate it. It is not only I, but the whole world that knows this— I have seen the rope marks on your body.
  • Verse 23:
    2104. The lord with the color of the ocean rolling with waves has scars on his fingers from using his Sharngam bow, a mark on his shoulders where Lakshmi leaned on him and a scar on his feet from when he kicked Sakatāsuran, the Asuran in the form of a cart. His fingers are swollen because he split open with his claws the chest of Hiranyan as Lakshmi, her hair adorned with flowers, saw him in fear.
  • Verse 24:
    2105. O lord with the color of the ocean rolling with waves, when Yasodha the cowherdess saw butter on your mouth and fingers and tied you to the mortar, you did not cry loudly and the neighbors did not hear you. Why you did that? Tell me.
  • Verse 25:
    2106. My heart praises without ceasing the emerald-colored lord who stays in the hills and rests on the milky ocean. He split open the chest of Hiranyan and, taking the form of a boar, split open the earth and went to the underworld to bring up the earth goddess.
  • Verse 26:
    2107. If devotees get up in the morning, go to Thiruvenkatam hills that brighten the mind and if every day they worship the lord who wears a thulasi garland, the results of their karmā will be removed.
  • Verse 27:
    2108. The hands of the lord that carry a strong bow carried Govardhanā hills to save the cows and the cowherds. He split open the mouth of the Asuran when he came as a bird, broke seven marā trees with his bow, broke the tusks of the heroic elephant Kuvalayābeedam, and made the blooming kurundam trees fall.
  • Verse 28:
    2109. O god with the dark color of a cloud, you carry in your hands the valampuri conch and a discus, embrace Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth on your chest, have Brahmā, the creator of the wonderful Vedās on your navel, and have Shivā, the destroyer of the three forts in your body.
  • Verse 29:
    2110. He is the earth, the wide sky, the wind, the roaring ocean and hot fire. Know that the lord with lovely eyes removed the suffering of Gajendra with beautiful eyes and tusks like crescent moon when he was caught by a crocodile. You know that he will appear when his devotees are in trouble and help them.
  • Verse 30:
    2111. If devotees keep their hearts pure, follow the good path and understand clearly what wisdom is, their hearts will go to the feet of the lord adorned with thulasi garland, like a calf that goes to his mother understanding that she is his mother.
  • Verse 31:
    2112. Even for the time that to blink an eye I will not think of anything except the feet of Thirumāl who carries a valampuri conch in one hand and a golden discus in the other and took the form of a man-lion, went to Hiranyan and split open his chest.
  • Verse 32:
    2113. If devotees remove all faults from their minds, meditate without blinking their eyes, avoid the pleasures of the five senses, and embrace only him in their hearts, - they will reach the the spiritual world of the lord, resting on Adishesa, the thousand-mouthed snake.
  • Verse 33:
    2114. The good-natured lord, giving his grace to all, taught the Vedās to Brahmā so Brahmā could give them to the world. What is the use if you just recite his names and do evening rites without thinking of him in your mind?
  • Verse 34:
    2115. O cloud-colored one, you swallowed all the seven worlds and slept on the banyan leaf. The cowherd mother Yashodā whose eyes are large and beautiful, fed you milk from her breasts without worrying that you had drunk milk from the devil Putanā. All people say that your deeds are true.
  • Verse 35:
    2116. O tall one, do not think that we are blaming you— what we say is because of our love for you. Didn’t the ten-headed Rāvana oppose you because he wanted to reach your feet?
  • Verse 36:
    2117. With a golden discus in your hand you fought with Hiranyan and split open his chest, and you asked for three feet of land from Mahābali at his sacrifice and measured the world and the sky. Didn’t you do this because you wanted to remove the strength of your enemy kings?
  • Verse 37:
    2118. In the Thiruvenkatam hills, the favorite place for Thirumāl who blows a white conch, the Vediyars recite the Vedās and the learned ones proficient in the good sastras carry fragrant lamps, flowers and water, come from all directions, go and worship him.
  • Verse 38:
    2119. The hill where the Asurans and the gods come and worship Thirumāl who, shining like a jewel, killed the snake and conquered the heroic elephant of the gypsies is Thiruvenkatam where the clouds with lightning float.
  • Verse 39:
    2120. The lord who rests on the wide ocean split open the earth to save the earth goddess, carried Govardhanā mountain to save the cows and the cowherds, frightened the Asuran Kamsan and conquered him and abides in the Thiruvenkatam hills. If I want to recite his names, they are so many.
  • Verse 40:
    2121. It is the Thiruvenkatam hills where gypsies with fine bows and arrows carry hot fires in their hands and the elephants see them and leave the forest, frightened because they think they are stars falling from the sky. It is there that the lord stays who rejoiced when he conquered the Asuras like Hiranyan.
  • Verse 41:
    2122. O my heart, even if our mistakes are as large as hills, the lord with a golden discus in his hand will not be angry with us. He will only feel happy for the good qualities that we have. From today, even if all the heroic deeds of the lord are only untrue gossip, you should always think of them as true and believe them.
  • Verse 42:
    2123. Even though Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, the earth goddess and the daughter of the cowherd family love him, the heart of the ocean-colored god resting on the snake bed embraces only Lakshmi from the milky ocean.
  • Verse 43:
    2124. If devotees carry flowers and water and go to him to worship his feet, the fault in their minds and the results of their bad karmā will disappear and they will achieve whatever they want.
  • Verse 44:
    2125. In whatever form the devotees wish to see him, he will appear to them in that form. Whatever name the devotees want to call him happily he will have that name. When they meditate on him quietly without blinking their eyes, whatever color they think he has, he will appear in that color, carrying his discus.
  • Verse 45:
    2126. The gods in the sky may not know him, but let that be. O good heart, we know his heroic nature. When Rāvana disguised himself pretending he had only one head and asked for a boon from Brahmā, Thirumāl came in the form of a baby, and, lying on Brahmā’s lap, he counted all the heads of Rāvana so that Brahmā would know the Raksasa Rāvana was the one asking for the boon.
  • Verse 46:
    2127. When the skull of Nānmuhan, the giver of the Vedās to the world, was stuck to the palm of Shivā when he wandered as a beggar wearing a white thread, Thirumāl cut his own body and poured his blood into the skull of Nānmuhan, to release Shivā from his curse. If devotees worship our lord, they will rule the earth and enjoy their lives like gods in the sky.
  • Verse 47:
    2128. If devotees control their five senses that are as mighty as rutting elephants, not allowing them to wander and keeping them on a good path, they will see with true wisdom the lord's ankleted feet that once saved the snake when it was in distress.
  • Verse 48:
    2129. He carries a conch in one hand and in the other a fiery discus that he threw at the Asuras as the gods and the Asurans looked on and were terrified. O heart, be happy that we could reach the divine feet of the lord.
  • Verse 49:
    2130. It is not possible for devotees to see the ancient cloud-colored god adorned with a shining golden crown, unless they are born many times on this earth in various forms that change like the colors of a peacock's wings.
  • Verse 50:
    2131. The lord received three feet of land from generous Mahābali after taking water from his hands and grew tall to measure the earth and the sky with his two feet. If devotees control their five senses and worship him sprinkling fresh flowers, it is easy for them to see him
  • Verse 51:
    2132. The lord came in the form of a man-lion and fought fiercely with the matchless Hiranyan and killed him. If you wish to see his feet, make your thoughts pure, think and worship him reciting his divine names, and he will present himself to you.
  • Verse 52:
    2133. The eight Vasus, eleven Rudras, twelve suns and two Asvins carry beautiful flowers and go to Thirumāl everyday to adorn him with garlands, folding their hands and worshiping him always.
  • Verse 53:
    2134. When Thirumāl walks the snake ādisesha is his umbrella, when he sits he is a throne for him and he is his sandals when he stands. He is a floating bed for the god on the ocean always, a beautiful lamp, a soft silky dress, and the pillow the lord loves to rest on.
  • Verse 54:
    2135. He is the lovely-eyed lord who conquered the snake Kālingan, fought with the elephant Kuvalayābeedam, killed the Asurans when they came as kurundam trees, split open the beak of the Asuran that came as a bird, killed the wrestlers sent by Kamsan, drank milk from the breasts of the devil Putanā, danced the Kuravai dance, carried Govardhanā hill as an umbrella to protect the cows that he grazed and the cowherds, and ate the food that was offered for Indra.
  • Verse 55:
    2136. The devotees of the god of the gods who rests on the ocean will not have any troubles no matter what bad or good acts they have done— they will be always his devotees. Even if the messengers of Yama search for them they will not be able to find them.
  • Verse 56:
    2137. Who could see the wonderful lord? People can only prattle his names. Even though he was sitting on the lotus on his chest Brahmā could not see Kannan’s lotus feet.
  • Verse 57:
    2138. When I was afraid that I would experience the results of my bad karmā, I came to the divine feet of you with your beautiful garlands, learned to say your mantra “Namō Nārāyanā!” praised you and worshiped you.
  • Verse 58:
    2139. O heart, rise and come, let us carry lamps and flowers and worship him. All the mantras and any sastras that you have learned are only to worship the feet of Thirumāl. There is nothing more than that. Let us go to worship the feet of the lord.
  • Verse 59:
    2140. If you want to remove the results of your bad karmā, other troubles in your life, sickness and sin, your only refuge is Rāma who opposed and fought Rāvana in Lankā and killed him with his bow when that king of the Rakshasās kidnapped his wife with a waist soft as a vine.
  • Verse 60:
    2141. Nānmuhan seated on a lotus on the navel of Thirumāl gave the Vedās to all the creatures of the world surrounded by the oceans, yet even he does not know the path to Mokshā. Only Thirumāl knows that and he is the refuge for all.
  • Verse 61:
    2142. The world, the end of the eon that destroys the world, , the matchless dark oceans, the hills, fire in the world, , the wind and the sky all were created only by Thirumāl with his wisdom.
  • Verse 62:
    2143. The arms of the god resting on the snake Adisesha hold the discus that killed the Asurans when he went through the two marudam trees, broke them and made them fall, they killed the Asurans when they came as beautiful kurundam trees, and they conquered the seven bulls so he could marry Nappinnai. They reached out to all the eight directions when the lord took the form of a dwarf and measured all the seven worlds and the sky.
  • Verse 63:
    2144. My hands worship nothing but him. My ears hear only his sweet words. I will not think of any pleasure except praising the sounding anklets on the feet of the lord whose arrows never miss their targets. Anyone should feel ashamed to desire any pleasure but that.
  • Verse 64:
    2145. I do not desire the wealth of others or join with mean people. I make friends only with good people. I do not feel amazement at the deeds of any god but Thirumāl. How could any bad karmā come to me?
  • Verse 65:
    2146. The lord stays far away and is hard for anyone to know. If devotees worship the feet of the dark-colored lord with beautiful eyes and a thousand names they will not experience the results of their karmā and they will not go to cruel hell. They will never, even for the shortest time, involve themselves in bad deeds.
  • Verse 66:
    2147. The songs that the world learns when it wakes up, the pāsurams of the Vedās that the Vediyars recite, all things that the world recites, thinks, and worships are the names of him with a discus in his hand.
  • Verse 67:
    2148. Wise devotees look only towards him, the beloved of Lakshmi seated on a beautiful lotus, just as the rivers go toward the sea, beautiful lotus flowers turn toward the sun, and lives move towards Yama. ?
  • Verse 68:
    2149. O lord, you stay in the sky of Vaikuntam, you are on the earth, you abide in the Thiruvenkatam hills and you are in the recitation of the four Vedās. Who can know the milky ocean where you rest? Who can know your power? Who can know your form even in all the eons.
  • Verse 69:
    2150. People say it is true that when you were a baby you swallowed all the seven worlds and lay on a banyan leaf. Where was that banyan leaf? Was it in the ocean? Was it in the sky? Was it on the earth? Tell me, O god who carried Govardhanā mountain surrounded with groves.
  • Verse 70:
    2151. Praise Thirumāl for as long as you can speak. Worship him until your body leaves the world. It is good if you worship him adorning him with flower garlands, performing sacrifices, reciting his names and saying mantras and doing any other deeds you can as praise to him.
  • Verse 71:
    2152. O strong heart, even if I remain healthy without any sickness and old age and rule the whole world for all the four eons, I only want the love of the lord with a heroic discus.
  • Verse 72:
    2153. My heart says, “Love the lord with a discus in his hands, ” my tongue says, “Praise and worship his divine arms, ” my eyes say, “See the lord without birth” and my ears say, “Hear the fame of the lord, adorned with lovely ornaments. ”
  • Verse 73:
    2154. O heart!. You may praise or blame him who is adorned with thulasi garlands, you may admire him or scold him. He is the flourishing water of the ocean, the hills, the wide sky, the wind, the body and life of all creatures.
  • Verse 74:
    2155. Shivā rides a bull and Thirumāl rides Garudā, Shivā burned the three forts and Māl split open the chest of Hiranyan, Shivā wears sacred ash and our lord has a sapphire color, Shivā has Shakthi for half of his body and Thirumāl has Lakshmi seated on his chest, Shivā has long matted hair and Thirumāl is adorned with a large crown. Shivā has the Ganges in his matted hair and Thirumāl measured the world with his long legs. May they both protect us.
  • Verse 75:
    2156. If devotees worship him they will not experience the results of their karmā and any troubles that come to them will go away. If devotees meditate on him, they will not become old and if they worship his feet, they will find good paths in their lives.
  • Verse 76:
    2157. If devotees follow good paths and worship the lord they will be like the three faultless gods in the sky and Thiruvenkatam of the wonderful lord who measured the world and the sky will give moksa to them.
  • Verse 77:
    2158. All your troubles will go away if you praise him saying, “You stand in Thiruvenkatam, you are seated in Vaikuntam, you recline in Thiruvekka and you walk in the beautiful golden Thirukkovalur filled with ponds. ”
  • Verse 78:
    2159. O heart, rise. We will take fresh flowers from a punnai tree, sprinkle them on his feet, fold our hands and worship him who rests on the thousand-headed snake Adisesha. He killed the cruel crocodile to save the elephant Gajendra when he called the lord for help. Who will have any affliction if they worship him?
  • Verse 79:
    2160. Who will blame the one who gives and not the one who receives? Did you not ask for three feet of land and receive the boon with water poured on your palm from Mahābali and did you not grow tall as your beautiful ornamented foot touched the high sky?
  • Verse 80:
    2161. A snake terrified of an eagle, his enemy, ran to the ocean where you rest and asked for refuge, and you, the dark colored Māyavan, the strong one, helped it with your generosity. Who could help like that except you?
  • Verse 81:
    2162. When the gods fought with the Asuras and asked your help, he churned the milky ocean with them using Mandara mountain as a the stick and Vāsuki, the snake as a rope, and he gave them the nectar that came out of the ocean. Isn’t his name the weapon that saves from cruel hell?
  • Verse 82:
    2163. O Venkatam, you are the hill where lord stays who shot his arrow and killed Mārisan when he came as a golden deer. Women with sword-like eyes go there to worship the lord with fresh flowers and garlands carrying lamps whose brightness hides the light of the stars in the sky.
  • Verse 83:
    2164. You rest on the ocean and you hurl your strong discus at your Asuran enemies, killing them, but you were born as Kannan and with compassion you carried Govardhanā mountain with your arms and saved the cows. You fought with the seven bulls and conquered them to marry Nappinnai. What heroic deeds you have done!
  • Verse 84:
    2165. O lord, who knows your power? You measured the world with your feet, yet you found that same world so small that you could carry it on your tusk when you took the form of a boar to bring the earth goddess from the underworld.
  • Verse 85:
    2166. O heart, controlling your five senses, you carry water and worship him in the proper way, but do you know the place where he rests on the snake bed? Do you know where his eagle flag is? Tell me.
  • Verse 86:
    2167. O lord, you, the generous one, carried Govardhanā hills to save the cows and the cowherds from the storm. As you stay with Lakshmi in the beautiful Thirukkovalur temple, do you stay at the entrance, in the middle or inside?
  • Verse 87:
    2168. All countries worship him, knowing how he threw the calf at the vilam tree and killed the Asuras. Lock the doors of hell! If the devotees worship his ankleted feet they will not go there.
  • Verse 88:
    2169. I look only for your divine feet, I only sing your fame and I worship only the golden feet of you with a shining discus. How could anything hurt me?
  • Verse 89:
    2170. There is no one who can match my dear lord. Since I have his grace how could anyone be equal to me? The blooming dark kāyām flower is fortunate to have the same beautiful dark color that he has.
  • Verse 90:
    2171. O Mādhava, Hiranyan thought that he had the boon of not being killed by a man and he did not want to worship your feet bowing his head to you. Though he was as strong as you, you were able to kill him taking the form of a man-lion.
  • Verse 91:
    2172. He took the form of a boar and split open the earth. If devotees do not remove the darkness in their hearts and inside their bodies, lighting up their wisdom everyday and worshiping the feet of the lord, they will not attain Mokshā.
  • Verse 92:
    2173. O Thirumāl! You are the sky, fire, the rolling ocean, the wind, honey, and milk. Was your stomach that contained the world before you spat it out full when you swallowed the butter that Yashodā the cowherdess churned and kept?
  • Verse 93:
    2174. Carrying in your handsome flower-like hand a golden discus, you split open the stomach of Hiranyan when he came to fight with you unsheathing his sword, as you opened your mouth wide showing your teeth and terrifying him. Why? Did you get angry at him to destroy his pride?
  • Verse 94:
    2175. Māyavan showed the sages all the worlds he had swallowed, opening his mouth wide and his eyes like fire. My tongue will not praise any other except him. even for a moment.
  • Verse 95:
    2176. The words “Namō Nārāyanā” that you say with your tongue without stopping are the way to attain everlasting Mokshā. Why is it that people cannot understand this and go in wrong ways?
  • Verse 96:
    2177. O heart, know and understand this well. The beautiful eyed- Thirumāl is both dharma and sin. He is the earth, the ocean with rolling waves, wind and sky. Worship him.
  • Verse 97:
    2178. Compassionate, you saved the elephant Gajendra so he could live with his mate. Didn’t the golden Ganges receive Thirumāl’s grace before she flowed as a fiery river into the spreading matted hair of Shivā who wears vibhuti?
  • Verse 98:
    2179. Even though both the divine Shivā with a body that shines like gold and thick matted hair and Nedumāl who measured the world and the sky with his two feet have two different forms one is inside the body of the other.
  • Verse 99:
    2180. O good heart, if the devotees meditate on the faultless eternal lord of Thiruvenkatam, he enters their hearts. Understand that Thirumāl resting on ādisesha in the milky ocean is in your heart.
  • Verse 100:
    2181. O my heart, if you keep in your mind the Māyavan, Kesavan adorned with cool thulasi garland, who kicked Sakatāsuran with the same shining lotus feet that measured the world, you will attain Mokshā.