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MLT 89
The blooming dark kāyām flower is fortunate to have the same beautiful dark color that he has. 2170 எனக்காவார்
I long to see in my dreams the sweet lord with the color of a dark Kāyām flower.
PT 10.5.6
You who wear a dark karuvilai flower in your long hair are a fighting bull, Kovalan the son of Nandagopan
PT 6.5.6
elephant that guarded the palace of Kamsan stays in beautiful Thirunaraiyur where swans drink honey from dark neydal flowers and sleep on blooming lotus flowers. 1493 பகுவாய்வன்பேய்கொங்கைசுவைத்து ஆருயிருண்டு *
PTA 49
Whenever I see clouds, a dark mountain, the dark ocean, deep darkness, puvai flowers always swarming
PT 8.3.8
He stays in Thirukkannapuram where beautiful lotuses bloom like lovely faces and dark kuvalai flowers
PT 11.1.7
Am I being punished because I saw the lord as dark as a kāyām flower when he came on Garudā and fell
PT 11.7.5
carries a conch in his hand has the color of the dark ocean, of a shining sapphire-like hill, of a dark cloud, of a kuvalai flower blooming on a branch and of a kāyām flower.
PT 1.5.6
The lord dark as a kāyām flower drank the poisonous milk of Putanā when she came as a mother and killed
PAT 4.8.3
in the Bhārathā war is Srirangam surrounded with water where lotuses as red as his face and kuvalai flowers as dark as his body bloom beautifully everywhere. 404 மருமகன்தன்சந்ததியை உயிர்மீட்டு, மைத்துனன்மார்
PT 3.6.10
pāsurams on Nedumal, who bears a shining, oil-smeared discus and stays in Vayalāli (Thiruvāli) where dark kohl-like kuvalai flowers bloom in the fields.
PT 4.8.1
My daughter says, “He is Kannan, the king whose body has the color of a dark cloud or a kuvalai flower
TP 1.23
The One, colored as dark as a kāyām flower, wake up!
PAT 3.3.6
O lord, you have the dark color of a kāyām flower. ” 249 அஞ்சுடராழிஉன்கையகத்தேந்தும் அழகா!
PT 7.9.6
He stays in the temple Salasayanam in Chirupuliyur surrounded with flourishing fields where dark neelam , ambal and lotus flowers bloom with kazhyneer flowers like the beautiful eyes, mouths and faces of lovely
PT 9.5.1
Take me to Thirukkurungudi where he with the dark color of a kuvalai flower stays and leave me there.
Birds chirp in the groves blooming with flowers, the darkness goes away and morning arrives.
PMT 6.3
“You cast glances at a girl with dark hair adorned with flowers, and gave your heart to another in the
PT 7.4.10
where swans beneath the shadows of a mango trees are with their mates that walk like women wearing flowers in their dark hair.


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