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PMT 6.9
“Adorned with lovely, auspicious flower garlands on the chest, with peacock feathers in your hair, your ears are adorned with a bunch of flowers, and wearing beautiful, bright clothes , You played sweet music on the flute for the girls, with hair adorned with fragrant kongu flowers and flirted with them Won't you come and play music on your flute one day to enthrall us?"
PAT 3.6.3
king of Madhura, Govindan, the princely son of Nandagopan the little child of the cowherds plays his flute , young Apsarases come down from the sky and approach him, their hearts melting and their flower-like their foreheads sweat and they close their ears to everything else and hear only the music of his flute
PAT 3.4.9
On his left ear he wears a lovely thondri flower and his long hair is adorned with jasmine and forest mauval flowers. Seeing the beauty of the cowherd child, as he comes playing his flute, my daughter is in love with him
PT 10.7.6
He plays a bamboo flute and my daughter loves him. Her flower-like eyes are weary, her breasts are round, and her lotus-red mouth has grown pale.
TVM 6.4.2
3377 Equal unto me, is there a world, as I go into raptures Over the wondrous Lord, playing the flute cows to pasture, Getting locked in sweet embrace of fish-eyed Piṉṉai, whose locks Are with fragrant flowers
PAT 3.6.2
When Govindan takes his flute in his hands, bends his eyebrows, blows the air from his stomach and plays Their hair decorated with flowers becomes undone, their dresses become loose and holding their slipping
TVM 9.9.10
the sweet music of the flute is tantalizing, the bees do gather Honey from the white jasmine and many other flowers And diving deep into them do hum, the roaring sea rends the air; And now, how can I
PAT 3.6.10
peacock feathers and a silk garment tied tightly and beautifully on his handsome body, plays the flute , the enthralled trees stand without moving; flowers pour down honey-like drops as if to bow and worship
TVM 9.9.8
crescent sky does its quota of misery add, Even more cruel than Kaṇṇaṉ are His covert deeds, The jasmine flowers Do waft their gentle smell, the sandal, cool and nice, And the sweet amorous notes which Kaṇṇaṉ’s flute


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Perumāl Thirumozhi
Periya Thirumozhi

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