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PMT 6.9
adorned with a bunch of flowers, and wearing beautiful, bright clothes , You played sweet music on the flute Won't you come and play music on your flute one day to enthrall us?"
PAT 3.6.6
with red eyes and strong shoulders a lion among the gods, who was born to Devaki as a child plays his flute wandering in the sky, Fascinated by the nectar-like music, they say, “He, the highest, is playing the flute
PAT 3.6.8
When Govindan plays the flute holding it in his small fingers, as his beautiful eyes close, his red They bend their heads, listening to the music of the flute and move their ears as if they are dancing
PAT 3.6.3
king of Madhura, Govindan, the princely son of Nandagopan the little child of the cowherds plays his flute their foreheads sweat and they close their ears to everything else and hear only the music of his flute
PTM 5.22
They will not understand the beauty of the sweet music of the flutes of the cowherds, or the suffering
Kannan plays the flute - (நாவலம் பெரிய)
கண்ணன் குழல் ஊதல் எழுசீர்க் கழிநெடிலடி ஆசிரிய விருத்தம் Will be accepted among the devotees Will become a devotee and remain as …
Upon seeing the evening set in, Nāyaki bewails over her powerlessness - (மல்லிகை கமழ்)
comes back home in the evening after tending to the grazing cows, there are days when He plays the flute
MUT 42
The sapphire-colored Kannan who grazed the cows and played the flute killed the Asuran when it came in
MUT 89
The lord who plays sweet music on his flute is the god of Thiruvenkatam where gypsies plant millet seeds
PAT 1.9.8
cowherds to see, He climbed on a sand hillock, danced a village dance (Koothu) with glee and played on the flute
TVM 5.9.9
behold, with bangles well set and adore Him That stays in Tiruvallavāḻ where pretty bees hum Like flute
PAT 3.9.9
The potent Lord goes with the cowherds, protecting the cattle and playing on the flute wonderfully.
PAT 2.1.3
Kālingā's hood and danced fiercely as the bells on His anklets sounded and played melodious tune on His flute
TVM 6.4.2
3377 Equal unto me, is there a world, as I go into raptures Over the wondrous Lord, playing the flute
TVM 5.8.11
3320 Those that thoroughly earn these songs ten; Out of the thousand, sweeter than flute, composed by
PAT 2.1.1
The lord with a conch in his left hand that sounds in victory and plays delightful music on his flute
PT 11.2.2
When Kannan is with me what can the music of the bamboo flute of a cowherd do to my youth?”
PAT 3.6.4
Kannan who fought, conquered and destroyed the evil Asuras Thenuhan, Pilamban and Kaliyan, plays his flute
PAT 3.6.11
Puduvai composed pāsurams about how music flowed like a flood of nectar from the holes of the bamboo flute
NAT 13.5
Sprinkle the water that comes from the holes of His flute on my face as he plays it walking behind his

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