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PAT 1.1.4
The fragrant ghee, milk and yogurt spilled all over and they were filled with frenzied joy and their
PAT 2.1.6
He stole and swallowed ghee, milk and yogurt that we, the cowherd women kept.
PT 10.7.8
They said, ‘See, we kept the fermented yogurt, fragrant ghee and milk in various pots, but they are How could I scold my child who drank milk from the devil Putanā and killed her?
PT 5.1.5
Our lord Māyan with a discus in his hand who stole the yogurt, ghee and milk hidden by Yashodā, the
PT 10.6.10
the lord and describing his deeds, how he was tied to a mortar by the cowherd women when he stole milk , yogurt and ghee from the uri, swallowed them and filled his stomach, and how even when the cowherd
PAT 2.2.2
I have not seen the heated ghee, the boiled milk, thick curd and fragrant butter that I kept, since the Smiling with your pearl-like teeth, come and drink milk from my breast. 129 வைத்தநெய்யும்காய்ந்தபாலும்
TVM 3.4.5
class medicine delectable That cuts out the devotees’ ills and evils Or the nectar that came up the milk ocean fine or fix Him as the cream delicious or the meal with tastes six Or the honey as tasty as ghee or fruit or milk?
TVM 8.1.7
3569 Sweet as milk fresh-drawn and the ghee that from it ensues, You are, my Lord, the very sweetness in ghee, the ambrosia.
TP 1.27
Wearing beautiful clothes, we will join together and eat rice with milk, pouring ghee in it, and as we eat, the ghee will drip from our elbows.
PT 7.6.4
cows and the cowherds, saved Gajendra from the crocodile and gave him his grace, and stole fragrant ghee made from cow’s milk and ate it stays in beautiful Thiruvazhundur.
PAT 2.4.7
Since your birth, I have not seen good milk the churned yogurt and the butter that I put on the uri.
TVM 8.5.10
perform, The famous elements five and all things from them derived Are unto You, the bodies many; like ghee , latent in milk fresh drawn.
PAT 3.1.5
You make the pots that the cowherds carry on their shoulders fall and drink the yogurt. You sob and sob like the children who want to drink milk from their mothers.
TVM 6.8.2
In His sweet embrace; come back quick and daily take In my hand perched, porridge sweet, mixed with ghee and milk, In front of the mates with long, lovely eyes with collyrium treated. 3421 மையமர்வாள்நெடுங்கண்
PMT 2.4
were not afraid that Yashodā might punish you when she saw you stealing and eating the butter, good yogurt and milk.
PT 1.5.6
The lord dark as a kāyām flower drank the poisonous milk of Putanā when she came as a mother and killed her, stole yogurt and butter and swallowed them in the cowherd village, and went as a pure handsome
PAT 2.9.7
cowherd girl complains, “I made twelve types of sweets with good rice, small lentils, sugar, fragrant ghee and milk for Thiruvonam festival.
PAT 1.5.9
When you crawl, the fragrance of milk, ghee, curd, pure sandalwood, shenbagā flowers, lotuses and good
TP 1.2
Singing in praise of the feet of the supreme lord resting on the milky ocean, we don't eat ghee, don't drink milk.


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