As he is being honored by King Sri Vallaba Devā, Periyāzhvār performs mangalāsāsanam to Lord Sriman Nārāyanā
In the royal court of the Pāndyā King Vallabha Deva, Vishnuchittar established Paratattvā, (The Omnipresent State) as ordained by the Paramātmā (the Supreme Lord) himself. The king and the assembly of scholars and ministers were wonder struck when Vishnuchittā quoted extensively and emphatically from the Vedās, the Upanishads and the Puranas and established + Read more
பாண்டிய குல மன்னன் வல்லப தேவனின் அரசவையில் எம்பெருமான் நியமித்தருளியபடி பெரியாழ்வார் பரதத்வத்தை (உண்மை பொருள்) நிலைநாட்டி பொற்கிழியைப் பெற்றதால் அரசன் மகிழ்ந்து, அவருக்கு 'பட்டர்பிரான்' என்று விருது அளித்து, யானை மீது நகர்வலம் அழைத்து விழா எடுத்தான். அந்த விழாவைக் காண மஹாலக்ஷ்மியுடன் + Read more
Group: 1st 1000
Verses: 1 to 12
Glorification: Krishna Avatar (க்ருஷ்ணாவதாரம்)
āzhvār: Periya Āzhvār
  • Taniyan
  • Verse 1:
    1. Manivannā (colored like blue sapphire), may You live long (be eternal) for several years (human years), more years (celestial years), thousands of celestial years (Brahmā's years) and for many crores (of Brahmā's) of years. Strong shouldered, blue hued victor of the wicked wrestlers, let your reddish feet be protected.
  • Verse 2:
    2. We devoutly pray that we be inseparable from you for thousands of years. Let your divine consort residing in your right chest be eternal. Let the glowing discus in your right hand that vanquishes enemies, continue for several years. Let the conch Pānchajanyam that blows aloud in wars, live for several years
  • Verse 3:
    3. O devotees, if you wish to serve him, come and carry sand and fragrance for his festivals. If you associate yourself only with material gains, we will not allow you in our devout group of devotees. We hail from families that carry no stains for seven generations. The Lord fought and annihilated Lankā, the land of the Rakshasās. Let us praise him.
  • Verse 4:
    4. Come and join our group before this body is cast off on earth. Oh like minded devotees, rise above the temporal barriers and join us quickly. Let the town and the country resound with the chant ‘Namo Nārāyanāya’. Join together and sing His praise 'Live Long (Pallāndu!)'
  • Verse 5:
    5. O devotees, who are subservient to Him, worship and praise Rishikesā, the king of the whole earth, who destroyed the Rakshasās and their large clan. Give up your old ways and join us and recite His names a thousand. Bow to his feet and say, “Pallāndu! Pallāndu!”
  • Verse 6:
    6. My father, his father, and his great grandfather, since seven generations we have been serving Him who took the form of Narasimhā on the evening of SRavanā Nakshatra and destroyed Hiranyan and to efface our cares, let us praise and sing 'Live long for years a thousand and many thousands'.
  • Verse 7:
    7. On our shoulders, we bear the divine symbol of the discus that glows brighter than sun and fire. We are serving Him for generations. He attacked Bānasuran and his magical army, slew him with his discus making his thousand arms bleed. Let us praise Him, the one who wields the discus with might. Let us say, “Live Long, Live Long ! (Pallāndu! Pallāndu!”)
  • Verse 8:
    8. O divine lord, you gave me prasadam soaked in good ghee, betel leaves and nuts, ornaments for my neck, earrings for my ears and sandal paste to smear on my body. You gave me your grace so that I would become pure and wise and serve you. Your flag carries Garudā- the hooded serpent's enemy. I shall sing your praise and say Live Long, Live Long (Pallāndu! Pallāndu!”)
  • Verse 9:
    9. We, your devotees, wear the silk clothes You wore, put on the thulasi garlands that adorned You, eat the food (prasadam) that is left over after You eat and carry out your orders everywhere as You desire from us. On the auspicious SRavanā day, let us praise Him, who rests on the snake bed and say Pallāndu!
  • Verse 10:
    10. The day when we declared our subservience to You, our master, is the day of our deliverance and bliss. Lord! You were born on an auspicious day at northern Mathura. You broke Kamsa's bow in his weaponry, and danced on Kālingan the five-headed snake. We pray that you live long, (“Pallāndu, Pallāndu!”)
  • Verse 11:
    11. Dearest god, I am an old devotee of yours, like Abhimānadungan, the king of beautiful Kottiyur where there is no injustice. Devotees praise you, who are pure in all ways with many names and say, “Namo Nārāyana” with love. I will praise you and say, “Pallāndu Pallāndu”
  • Verse 12:
    12. Thus praises Vishnuchithan of Villiputhur through his pious verses, the Impeccable, the Supreme Lord who holds the bow Sārangam, Those devotees who recite these hymns (pāsurams) and worship him saying, “Namo Nārāyanaya” they will be with the highest lord, praising him always and saying, “Pallāndu! Pallāndu!”