ஸ்ரீ ராமபிரானை யாகத்தை காக்கும் பொருட்டு விசுவாமித்திர மகரிஷி அழைத்துப் போகையில், ஸ்ரீராமர் நித்திரை செய்யும் அழகை கண்டு அனுபவித்து, "கௌசல்யா சுப்ரஜா ராமா" என்று திருப்பள்ளி உணர்த்தியபடியே (எழுப்பியபடியே) தொண்டரடிப்பொடி ஆழ்வார் கைங்கரியம் (தொண்டு) புரிய ஆசைப்படுகிறார்.

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Group: 1st 1000
Verses: 917 to 926
Glorification: Sri Ranganath (திருவரங்கன்)
  • Taniyan
  • Verse 1:
    917. When the sun rises in the east from the peak of the mountain and darkness has gone and it is morning and all the beautiful flowers that drip honey bloom, the gods of the sky all come before you to worship you. Elephants, male and female, come and, as drums are beaten, it seems the sound of a roaring ocean spreads everywhere. O dear god of Srirangam, wake up and give us your grace.
  • Verse 2:
    918. The breeze from the east blows and spreads the fragrance of mullai flowers blooming on vines. The swans sleeping on flowers wake up and shake the wet dew from their wings. O lord, when the elephant Gajendra was suffering and called you in his distress, you came and saved him, killing the crocodile whose mouth with white teeth was as deep as a cave. O dear god of Srirangam, wake up and give us your grace.
  • Verse 3:
    919. The sun with its rays makes all the directions bright, the darkness goes away, dawn appears, the bright light of the moon and the dew go away, the buds on the branches of the kamuhu trees in the green groves split open spreading their fragrance and the morning breeze blows. O dear god of Srirangam with a shining discus in your strong hand, wake up and give us you grace.
  • Verse 4:
    920. The cowherds untie their buffaloes for grazing and the music of their bamboo flutes and the sound of the cowbells spread in all directions as swarms of bees fly all over the fields. You who carry a bow, the strong king of Ayodhya, bull among the gods, destroyed the clan of Rakshasās in Lankā and you, the strong one, helped the pure sages do sacrifices and protected them. O dear god of Srirangam, wake up and give us your grace.
  • Verse 5:
    921. Birds chirp in the groves blooming with flowers, the darkness goes away and morning arrives. In the east, the ocean roars and the gods in the sky carry many flower garlands swarming with bees and come to garland you and worship your feet. This (Srirangam) is the temple where Vibhishanā, the king of Lankā, worshiped you. O dear god, wake up and give us your grace.
  • Verse 6:
    922. Is this the host of suns riding on tall chariots decorated with bells? Is it the troupe of eleven Rudras riding on bulls? Is that the six faced-god riding a beautiful peacock? All these gods and the celestial physicians and the Vasus are here, while the other divine gods come on horses and chariots singing and dancing. The crowd of gods is like a flood and they have gathered in front of your temple that looks like a huge mountain. O dear god of Srirangam, wake up and give us your grace
  • Verse 7:
    923. Is this the crowd of gods from heaven? Is this the throng of sages doing penance and the medicine men of the gods? Is that Indra coming on his elephant Airāvata? In front of your temple, Gandharvas, Vidyadharas and Apsarases are all gathered together to worship you and it seems as if there is no space left in the sky or on the earth. O dear god of Srirangam, wake up and give us your grace.
  • Verse 8:
    924. Some gods in the sky arrive with fragrances, some carry huge pots of treasure and shining mirrors and come to give them to you. Good sages bring things suitable for you to wear and Nārada comes with his Thumburu veena to play music. The sun god rises, spreading his bright light and darkness disappears from the sky. O dear god of Srirangam, wake up and give us your grace.
  • Verse 9:
    925. Faultless small drums, cymbals, yāzhs, flutes and big drums play music everywhere. Kinnaras, Garudās, Gandarvas and others sing. The sages, the gods in the sky, Saranars, Yaksas, and Siddhas are all fascinated by the music and come to worship your divine feet. O dear god of Srirangam, wake up and give us your grace.
  • Verse 10:
    926. Are these fragrant blooming lotuses? Is this the sun god rising over the roaring ocean? You are the god of Srirangam surrounded by a river where curly-haired women with waists as small as tudi drums bathe, squeeze their clothes, and come out of the water to dress. I am Thondaradippodi, your poor devotee. I brought thulasi garlands in baskets to decorate your body. I am your slave. Give me your grace. O dear god of Srirangam, wake up and give me your grace.