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PAT 1.1.2
(Thirukkottiyur) On hearing the birth of the divine child, The cowherds ran, fell to the ground and shouted
PAT 1.1.3
(Thirukkottiyur) On the birth of the glorious child protected from evil forces, cowherds entered with
PAT 1.1.5
(When they heard that the divine child was born) They joined happily together, laughed and smeared oil
PAT 1.1.7
He is the supreme lord, an epitome of virtues, accessible to all, a wonderful child - really the Māyan
PAT 4.1.4
If you are searching for the magical child, who shrunk His form at the time of deluge, the primordial
PAT 4.3.4
Here gypsy women with lovely voices, dance and sing kurinji songs and praise Govindan, the beloved child
PAT 4.5.1
Even if people have only thought of their mothers, fathers, children, and wives with fragrant hair,
PAT 1.4.8
Don't mistake my young lion to be a small child.
PAT 1.5.6
my little handsome child! Your complexion is that of Kayām flower and You are like a dark cloud.
PAT 1.5.7
You went on a bright shining chariot, searched for the lost children of the pious Brahmin, found them
PAT 1.6.3
O my sapphire-colored child adorned with shining golden earrings with many diamonds, pearls and precious
PAT 1.6.4
Come to our porch, shine with your white rays and play with my child. ” Clap your hands so that your
PAT 1.7.1
the chains on his feet making loud bangs, and the golden bells hanging on both sides ring won’t my child
PAT 1.7.2
Won't the sapphire-colored Kannan, the child of Vasudeva toddle?
PAT 1.7.5
Won't the little child running behind his good brother toddle?
PAT 1.7.8
He is Vāsudevan, the sapphire-colored Lord who is born as a marvelous child, people had never seen before
PAT 1.7.11
Those devotees who recite these pāsurams of Vishnuchithan will beget children who worship the feet of
PAT 1.8.3
O dear child of the cowherds, come and embrace me, achoo, achoo. 99 பஞ்சவர்தூதனாய்ப் பாரதம்கைசெய்து *
PAT 1.9.1
Like the pearl-like drops that fall from the tops of shining diamond-like buds in a garden, my child
PAT 1.9.2
My dear child Kannan, wears jingling bells on His waist, coral bracelets on His wrists, Kankan on His My lovely child, embraces me from behind. 109 கிங்கிணிகட்டிக் கிறிகட்டி * கையினில் கங்கணமிட்டுக் கழுத்தில்தொடர்கட்டி

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Periyāzhvār Thirumozhi
Nāchiyār Thirumozhi
Perumāl Thirumozhi
Thiruchanda Virutham
Periya Thirumozhi
3rd Thiruvandāthi
Nānmuhan Thiruvandāthi
Rāmānuja Nutrandāthi

Divya Desam

Thiru VaDa mathurai
Thirumālirum Solai
Thiru Dwārakai
Thiru Eda Vendhai
Thiru Kudalur
Thiru Semponsei Koil
Thiru Valla Vāzh
Thiru VithuvakkOdu
Thiruk kaDal mallai
Thiruvāli Thirunagari